Milk Protein (Caseine)
milk protein (casein)
  • Activation of muscle growth
  • Increase efficiency

  • Improve power performance

  • Restoration of the body

Portions in the package:
3280 g / 82 servings,  1120 g / 28 servings
The size of single addition:
40g (the size of the 1st measured spoon without slides 20g)

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Create a strong and athletic body! But to this effect not enough to spend days in workout facility. For the growth of muscle is important that the body received more nutrients than is consumed. It's source are carbohydrates and proteins in a balanced combination. MILK PROTEINperfect classic combination of these components.

MILK PROTEINis needed for achieving the progressive build muscle mass and decreasing body fat. The high protein content in the mixture makes it possible to athletes keep a positive nitrogen balance in body for longest time. Protein - it is the most important nutrient for the human body. It is a building material for muscle tissue. For intensive training human needs more high-quality protein. MILK PROTEINcontains an excellent protein formula that fits the human body and provides all the necessary amino acids in optimal ratios to achieve maximum anabolism. The product can be used as an substitute of food. Low content of carbohydrates helps to maintain lean body mass. MILK PROTEIN is actively involved in the restoration of the organism during intense physical activity, increases efficiency, power rates and activates muscle growth. The main source of protein in this formula is a concentrated milk protein (calcium caseinate).



activation of muscle growth, increase efficiency, improve power performance, restoration of the body.

                                                        Amount of nutrients in 40 g of product


Calories 154,4 cal Alanin 442,4 mg
Protein 32 g Cystine 1670,8 mg
Carbohydrates 4,8 g Methionine 852,8 mcg
Fats (Triglyceride) 0,8 g Arginine 922,4 mcg
Vitamin B1 1,1 mg  Histidine  816,4 mcg
Vitamin B2 1,2 mg Glycine (aminoacetic acid) 151,2 mg
Vitamin B6 1,8 mg  Serine  346,8 mg
Vitamin B12 1,4 mg  Phenylalanine  1598,4 mg
Vitamin C 76 mg  Lysine  4344,8 mcg
Niacin (vitamin PP ) 16,4 mg  Riboflavin  340  mcg
Biotin 0,06 mg  Prolin  344,8 mcg
Isoleucine 2563,6 mg Folic acid 80 mcg
Amino isovaleric acid(valine) 1812,4 mcg Pantothenic acid 2 mg
Threonine 1851,2 mcg Asparaginic acid 3921,6  mcg
Tryptophan 1144,4 mg Glutamine acid 5506,4  mcg

Method of application:
mix 1 portion (2 measure spoons) of skimmed milk (water, juice). Take 2-3 times a day between meals, including 1 once in the morning after a workout. Dosage, time and method of application are established by the coach or doctor for each individual athlete.
Portions in the package:
3280 g / 82 servings,  1120 g / 28 servings
The size of single addition:
40g (the size of the 1st measured spoon without slides 20g)

milk protein, milk powder, glucose, gelatin, vitamin complex (vitamins B1, B6, B12, folic acid, calcium pantothenate, niacin, biotin, ascorbic acid), a sweetening agent - sodium saccharin (E 952), natural flavor.
vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, natural, coffee, banana, pineapple.