Pro-3 Complex
protein complex
  • Building of muscle mass
  • Increase of efficiency

  • Improve power performance

  • The rapid recovery of the body
Portions in the package:
2700 g / 90servings,  975 g / 32servings
The size of single addition:
30g(the size of the 1st measured spoon without slides 15g)

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  • Ingredients

PRO – 3 COMPLEX – effective solution for creating a powerful, strong and enduring body. Promotes intensive synthesis of muscle mass, as well as restoration of the body both in the period of training and during competition. PRO - 3 COMPLEX - an universal formula for building a strong muscular frame. In the mixture contained high quality caseinate and soybean protein isolate, as well as vitamin - mineral complex. Balanced formula nourishes the body and contributes to the explosive energy of the instantaneous flow of protein in muscle. Casein, due to the slow absorption of the digestive tract, gradually release the energy for muscle growth and recovery of the body in the shortest possible time. Soy protein is a potent antioxidant, which speeds up recovery after an intense workout. In addition, soy protein increases the production of nitric oxide, and guaranteed increases synthesis of growth hormone. Included in the plant extracts Ginseng, Rhaponticum, licorice root, Chinese magnolia vine, alfalfa cover the body with extra energy, give the tone of your muscles and strengthen the body's recovery process after strenuous exercise.

PRO - 3 COMPLEX is recommended for such use of force and comprehensive energy sports like rugby and American football, helping to build muscle mass, explosive growth of the power indices, rapid recovery and maximum performance.


Indication: building of muscle mass, increase of efficiency, improve power performance, the rapid recovery of the body, replenishing of consumed energy.

Amount of nutrients in 30 g of product



Calories 126  cal Arginine 1 g
Protein 26,1 g Cysteine 0,1 g
Carbohydrates 2,7 g Methionin 0,9 g
Fats (Triglyceride) 1,2 g Histidine  1 g
Vitamin A 750 IU Glycine (aminoacetic acid) 0,6 g
Vitamin B1 0,4 mg Serine  1,8 g
Vitamin B2 0,5 mg Phenylalanine  1,3 g
Vitamin B6 0,6 mg Lysine  2,4 g
Vitamin C 15 mg Riboflavin  255 mcg
Vitamin E 2,4 mg Folic acid 60 mcg
Calcium 294 mg Pantothenic acid 1,5 mg
Magnesium  34,5 mg Glutamine acid 5,1 mg
Niacin  1,8 mg Licorice root 21 mg
Leucine 3,7 g Rhaponticum carthamoides 6 mg
Isoleucine 1,7 g Chinese magnolia vine 12 mg
Amino isovaleric acid(valine) 2,2 g Lucerne 9 mg
Threonine 1,6 g Ginseng 12 mg
Tryptophan 0,4 g    

Method of application:
mix 1 portion (2 measuring spoons) with 250-300 ml of milk (water, juice). Take 2-3 times a day between meals. Dosage, time and method of application are installed trainer or doctor for each athlete.
Portions in the package:
2700 g / 90servings,  975 g / 32servings
The size of single addition:
30g(the size of the 1st measured spoon without slides 15g)
milk protein, soy protein, vitamin premix (vitamin B1, B6, B12, folic acid, calcium pantothenate, niacin, biotin, ascorbic acid), a complex of plant extracts
(ginseng, Rhaponticum, licorice root, Chinese magnolia vine, alfalfa), flavors, sweetener .
vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, white chocolate, caramel, banana, coconut, wild strawberry, coffee, cappuccino.