If you wish to become a successful company, and want to loudly declare yourself on the market, we can help you with this. If you already have a respectable brand, we are ready to provide quality service to its manufacture and bring to market.


In our modern high-tech capabilities we have manufacturing complex of the European sample, equipped with the standards ISO 9001/ISO 22000/HACCP/GMP. During the period of our activity we have gained practical experience in the production of a quality product and we can offer you services for the contract production, development and release of products under your brand (Private Label).


Our manufacturing facilities allow us to produce products of various types and forms:


  • Solid: tablets, pills, capsules, dragees;
    • Packaging: blister, container, jar;
  • Bulk: powdered, granular and dusty mixtures;
    • Packaging: sachet, sticks, container, jar;
  • Liquid: gels, creams, balms,paste-like and liquid products;
    • Packing: laminate cases, sachet, PET bottles, cans.

Filling and packing of all products into the secondary packaging and corrugated containers.


The production base of "Euro Plus" - these are the best opportunities for creating high-quality and competitive products.


We are ready to provide a full range of services, such as:


1. Develop or adapted to the technological process existing recipes.

2. Prepare a full set of documents required for registration and release of the product (preparation and registration of specifications, GOST, getting sanitary-and-epidemiologic conclusion, the conclusion of the Ministry of Health Protection, the development of technological regulations or instructions, receiving a certificate of conformity for the product).

3. Create a design of a packaging.

4. Provide complete flowsheet for the production and release of the finished product.


The cooperation with us in the form of contract manufacturing will bring you, ladies and gentlemen, a lot of pluses. These are:


  • increase revenue without large investments in your own expensive equipment, and the development of new formulations;
  • expand the product range without increasing the number of staff and attract qualified professionals;
  • individual approach to the development of optimal cooperation schemes;
  • You will be able to bring to market a new product.

We will help You to bring your ideas!