The company "Evro Plus” is the native producer of high quality product in the sphere of

sport nutrition. The company is founded in 1997 and it was the wholesale distributor of

pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical market for a long time. During the period of its

activity the strong partnership was launched with the leading scientific institutions as well

as with their specialists. This refers to National University of Pharmacy in Kharkiv,

Dnipropetrovsk state medical academy, National university of physical education and sports.

We work in close collaboration with coaches, doctors, sportsmen.


  Unique formulations, which have guaranteed effect, were made with the cooperation of the group of professionals.

Production of the company "Evro Plus” is certified (produced) according to the requirements of ISO-9001, ISO-22000 and ISO-22716. Production capacity is certified according to the norms of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine and leading institutes of Kyiv: "Institute of ecohygiene and toxicology L. I. Medved”, "Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology A. N. Marzeiev”, "Institute of nutrition hygiene” as well as Sanitary epidemiological service of Dnipropetrovsk and region control, monitor the quality and safety of our products.


  Production of sport nutrition is carried out in Dnipropetrovsk city on the imported equipment which is certified according to the standards and norms of GMP. Due to the powerful resource and productive potential, we create the product based on the latest developments according to high quality standards.


  Our company produces more than 50 descriptions of sport nutrition products. Positive reports and demand inspire us to further development and expansion of the range of goods. The production is made from the natural imported (German, American) and Ukrainian raw materials of high quality.


  Our consumers are both starters amateur sportsmen who lead an active lifestyle and the sportsmen –high level professionals.


  The main and prior principles of "Evro Plus” are: reasonable prices, high quality, wide choice of goods, the latest scientific and technological developments and of course, taking care of you.


  The aim of the company is to make our customers strong, healthy and successful.


  Giving preference to our production, you will get the desired results – healthy, beautiful body and maximal physical parameters!


  Be leaders and self-confident with "Evro Plus” team!